Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ideas Picked Up at Left Coast Crime 2011 in Santa Fe

I picked up on a couple of possible emerging trends while attending the Left Coast Crime Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. By the way, the organizers this year did a bang up job and deserve copious kudos! I particularly enjoyed the Cuento channel, not just because my own presentation was a Cuento, but because I found the topics presented in that track to be the most innovative or provocative. I also appreciated being 'showcased' at the  new authors breakfast, a particularly gracious idea cooked up by our thoughtful hosts.

Now, to the trends --

A new sub genre seems to be emerging, called variously Cozy Thrillers or Thrillzies. I have seen references to this fledgling category in the blogosphere, but it was useful to hear it 'validated' at a major conference. Women authors are penning more thrillers, but their work tends to be less violent, dark and fever-paced compared to the classic thriller. I think my own mystery/triller, A POINTED DEATH, falls in this category.

I also noticed quite a few authors who are writing amateur sleuth books that feature a female protagonist from the world of science, technology or medicine. I am not talking about forensic pathologists and other science-trained individuals who work in law enforcement and detection. I mean science types who are in the private sector or the academy. This is a great trend that reflects the progress women have made and the changed face of the modern American workplace.

I've come up with a designation for this emerging sub genre, the SASSIES, for Scientific Amateur Sleuth Sisters. If you are an author who fits in the SASS grouping, drop me an email. (russellwrites@gmail.com)

To all my friends at LCC, see you next year in Sacramento CA!

The Femme Fatales on Thrillzies
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