Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Autographing Kindle Books

Suzuki signing a copy of his works.

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Someone has actually accomplishing the feat of enabling the autographing eBooks! Kindlegraph is now available and authors can enter the books on the Kindlegraph site so readers know they are available for personalization. When a buyer requests an autograph an email comes to the author's mailbox with the request. In a special box, the author types the personalization. Under the message box is a signing tab. If you are familiar with electronic contract signing software, you will recognize the signature tab immediately. When you click on the tab, you get choices. You can select from a menu of script signatures or you can use the writing software to create your own freehand signature. I am not good enough with my mouse to make my cursive look like anything other than chicken scratch, so I have opted one of the standard choices. Some day, I'll have a few scotches and try the freehand tool again. It may be one of those situation where you have to be complete relaxed to succeed.

You would be amazed at how many authors have been wringing their hands over this autographing problem in the eBook world. I guess writers really love those book signing gigs at stores and conferences. Personally, I think the practice is archaic and it will die of with the current generation. At least I did until I saw Kindlegraph. Since I type pretty fast, I can be far more generous with my personalization. This is sort of like book signing meet Twitter or something.

Check this out. It is way cool.
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