Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Sad Anniversary

Tomorrow marks the passing of a wonderful dog. Buddy was the inspiration for my children's book, and we were fortunate to enjoy his company for six wonderful years. He just fell over in my office one day and died. I think maybe this sudden death thing may run in the Standard Poodle breed, especially in the Royals, the really big dudes.

I wrote the following poem shortly after his passing, so I thought I would publish it again to honor his memory. What a special guy. We sure do miss you, Babe.

Come Back

(after Dorothy Parker)


A mild and most bewildered little shade

paces my darkened office all alone,

stares in disbelief at the rug where he

died, oh so suddenly last Tuesday morn,

gone with one exhale as I composed with

my back to him, his head fell on his paws.

I typed away as he ebbed away. Soft.

Praying was my first thought when I turned. Spoke

Buddy? Buddy. Buddy! Then I knelt down,

the first mourning tears already falling,

touching the already heavy form. Eyes

sinking back away from me. Please don't go!

I held him close. Done it a thousand times.

The loving heart that beat, "I'll never leave

You. Ever." Was still. Still, I hoped we'd be

together years from now. Assumption dashed.

Opened myself to grief and pain. Only

through this sad journey did I come to terms,

accepting. Then I found that I could see

him. His lanky silhouette in the night.

Buddy you kept your word! You have not left.

Earthy angel, soiled paws and frowzy ears

No Standard Poodle you, my dear. Noble

friend. You must go, you know. To claim your wings.

All dogs go to heaven it is said. But

Before you fly, please promise that you'll come

back. For me. When it is time. Okay?

Back. To lead bewildered, weary me. Home.

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